Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Set up shared directory in Linux

Here is how to set up a shared directory or project among linux users. The scenario is:
  • The name of the shared directory: /home/projects
  • The shared group name: developers
  • Users: john, joe, and jane

First, log in as super user, create the projects directory.
$ mkdir /home/projects

Second, create a shared group.
$ groupadd developers

Set up directory for group sharing.
# Change group on the directory
$ chgrp developers /home/projects

# Set full permission for group on the directory
$ chmod -R 775 /home/projects

# Set SGID bit on the directory so that new files under this directory will inherit the directory's group instead of the user's (creator) group.
$ chmod -R g+s /home/projects

# OR combine the last two commands into one
$ chmod -R 2775 /home/projects

# Set umask on the directory so that the 'group write' permission will be inherited on new files and directories
$ umask 002

Add users to group as supplementary group.
$ useradd -G developers john
$ useradd -G developers joe
$ useradd -G developers jane

# Check their groups
$ id john

# Add a user to multiple supplementary groups (with no space after commas):
$ useradd -G wheel,ftp,www,developers john

# Add existing user to an existing group
$ usermod -a -G wheel

# Change user's primary group
$ usermod -g developers john

You can also use this command to set the primary group for a user
$ useradd -g developers john

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