Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How to Improve Windows 7 Performance

The performance on Windows 7 has improved from Vista. In most of the time I am pretty happy with it on all my machines. But when it comes to my netbook, it seems a little short. Here are a few things I did to improve its speed, which seems to help.
  1. Turn off transparency
  2. Use ReadyBoot from a fast USB flash drive
  3. Convert from FAT32 to NTFS
  4. Reduce Startup Programs
  5. Disable indexing services
    • Application Management
    • Clipbook
    • Computer Browser
    • Error Reporting Service
    • HID Input Service
    • Indexing Service
    • Net Logon
    • NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing
    • Network Location Awareness (NLA)
    • Network Provisioning Service
    • Portable Media Serial Number Service
    • QoS RSVP
    • Remote Desktop Help Session Manager
    • Remote Registry
    • Secondary Logon (If you only have one user on your computer)
    • TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper Service
    • Telnet
    • Uninterruptable Power Supply
    • WebClient
    • Windows Time
    • WMI Performance Adapter
  6. Disable Performance Counters
  7. Turn off Automatic Updates

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