Monday, February 4, 2008

Manager's Must-Know: Wonderful Task Management in Outlook 2007

Microsoft Office is actually a suite of very powerful tools but not many people know how to use them. Take Outlook as an example, on top of emailing, you can use it to keep track of projects or tasks. You can create, prioritize, delegate, and track any task item like an email. Take a look at this video, you will know what I'm talking about.

The Office Team at Microsoft had spent so much time on this product and it is not hard to use at all but unfortunately not many companies are willing to spend a little time to train their employees to fully utilize it. Instead, many go for the hype of cloud computing with less features, slower performance, and higher security risk. And with their agile developing approach, it's not surprise to see a feature or a link that appeared on the screen yesterday disappeared today. The reason is simple, you're part of an experiment everyday whether you want it or not. So, if you see your favorite features disappearing every day, just stop being productive that day and send them an email. They will be glad to add that feature back in a few days, as their agile development cycle is short. (Your boss may not be very happy though.)

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